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News: Sam Clark Joins DECCO US as Technical and Mechanical Service Representative
Jun 18, 2013

DECCO, a global leader in post-harvest coatings, cleaners, sanitizers, fungicides and storage treatments for fruits and vegetables, has announced the hiring of Sam Clark as a Technical and Mechanical Service Representative for the Pome Market.

Clark will be responsible for Decco US Technical and Mechanical Service activities in the North American (United States and Canada) Pome Market. The North America Pome Market is a strategic market for Decco US.

Based now in the Yakima Valley, Clark is native of the Naches Valley where he and his family have been involved for generations in apple farming and packing.

Sam will report to Randy King, North America Business Manager, Pome and Potato Markets.

Since 1932, DECCO has been a pioneer in post-harvest technology, and provides packers and growers with a full line of post-harvest treatments and services to preserve the integrity of fresh-market citrus, pome fruit and stone fruits with premium-quality waxes and coatings. The company also markets cleaners and sanitizers to improve food safety in processing facilities, and post-harvest fungicides to extend long-term storage. Decco U.S. Post-Harvest, Inc., is a business unit of United Phosphorus Ltd. For information on DECCO post-harvest products and services, visit