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News: DECCO Acquires Pome Fruit Coating Business
Oct 28, 2008

DECCO US Post-Harvest, Inc. has announced the acquisition of Solutec Corporation, the leading producer of coatings for apples and pears in North America. Solutec has a long-standing track record of success in high-performance Carnauba-based formulations.

Following a brief transition period, the operations of Solutec will be merged into DECCO US, enhancing the company’s ability to serve the fruit industry with an expanded product line, additional equipment and added services.

Bill Burke, Solutec owner and founder, will remain associated with DECCO US Post-Harvest, Inc. as a long-term consultant to assure a smooth transition and to provide expertise in several areas of post-harvest treatments. DECCO will operate the existing Solutec facility in Yakima, Wash., and has retained the services of Mike McCorkendale, Solutec sales manager, and other key employees.

No changes are anticipated in customer service and in placing orders for Solutec products, according to Jim Sargent, general manager of DECCO US Post-Harvest, Inc. “Our customers will greatly benefit from the addition of the products, people and facilities of Solutec,” he said in making the announcement. “We anticipate further developments that will expand our product offerings not only in the U.S. apple market but in other crops and in other regions as well.”

Solutec’s products include APL-BRITE 400C High Gloss Carnauba Coating, APL-BRITE 330C Fast Drying Carnauba Coating, APL-BRITE 100M Medium-Fast Drying Shellac Coating, and APL-BRITE Vector 7 Fast Drying Shellac Coating.