Listing of All DECCO US Contacts

U.S. & Canada Management

General Manager
Jim Sargent
Monrovia, CA  91016
626-862-3963 Mobile

Business Manager (Citrus, Stone Fruit & Tropical)
Travis Seymore
Visalia, CA
559-804-8512 Mobile

Business Manager (Pome Fruit & Potato)
Tim Mowry
509-679-0855 Mobile

Director Marketing and Development
Shawn Kennedy
Monrovia, CA
626-430-4781 Mobile

U.S. & Canada Sales

California Regional Manager (Citrus & Stone Fruit)
Robert Lutz
Visalia, CA
559-804-4770 Mobile

Southeastern U.S. and Texas Regional Manager (Citrus/Vegetables/Stonefruit)
Kirk Mugler
Fort Pierce, FL
772-216-4911 Mobile

Western U.S. Territory Sales Manager (Pome Fruit)
Chad Christopherson
Yakima, WA
509-969-1287 Mobile 

Other DECCO US Contacts

Customer Service
1713 S. California Ave
Monrovia, CA  91016
800-233-3226 Toll Free
626-359-8240 Office

Supply Chain
Anthony Zampetti
Monrovia, CA
215-313-1602 Mobile

Operations Manager
Bill Eakle
Monrovia, CA
626-241-6620 Mobile

Technical Service
Mohsen Sales
Monrovia, CA
818-317-0732 Mobile

Research & Development
Kenichi Calderon-Kawasaki
Monrovia, CA
626-321-6829 Mobile

International Contacts

Australia & New Zealand

EE Muir
Melbourne Australia
Ian Muir & Lee Duffy
(03) 9931 2201

Central Latin America

DECCO Costa Rica
San Jose Costa Rica
Gustavo Madriz
506-8718-4956 Mobile