Storage Treatment

DECCO is one of the very few suppliers that formulate products to ensure the quality of pome fruit and potatoes during and after long-term storage. DECCO DPA is the brand chosen by many storage operators because of its concentrated formulation, ease of mixing, and compatibility with other fungicides.

Count on DECCO to provide:

•  Sprout inhibition on potatoes
•  Air and Water treatments to arrest pathogens
•  Scald control on apples and pears
•  Bitter pit reduction on apples

Storage Treatment

Product List

DECCO No-Scald® DPA EC-283

DECCO Potato Stabilizer 219

Decco Pyrimethanil

Decco Pyrimethanil 400 SC

DECCOSOL® 125 Concentrate

FruitGard Maintenance Part A

FruitGard Maintenance Part B

FruitGard Wipeout Part A

FruitGard Wipeout Part B