Laboratory Services

DECCO takes pride in our two full service laboratories in Monrovia, CA and Yakima, WA. Our lab technicians are responsible for processing all of our liquid and fruit analysis. Because of our timeliness, accuracy, and methodologies, our lab is commonly used by many outside companies and agencies. Our customers have come to rely on our laboratory team as an essential part of the services they receive from DECCO.

In addition to processing samples, we have a small pack line that includes all of the standard parts of a full production line. Our pilot packing line allows us to simulate various packing operations during the development of new products.

In our produce rooms, we can replicate types of conditions that may exist in packing and storage areas. DECCO specialists are equipped to study produce over long storage periods at temperatures ranging from 31º F to 70º F. We can provide assistance with analysis of residues, resistance management and IPM programs.