Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: What are the residue tolerances for your products?

A: Residue tolerances are different throughout the world, and each individual country can establish tolerances as they desire. It is also important to understand these tolerances can and do change from time to time. So it’s important to clearly identify tolerances prior to any application of shipment of fruit that is treated. Check the International Maxiumum Residue Level Database.

Q: Are your organic products listed with any organic organizations?

A: Our organic products are registered with OMRI. Independent organic groups can also declare our products as organic, based on the ingredients. Please ask for assistance in providing your auditor with the necessary documentation for approval.

Q: Are your products food grade?

A: DECCO products are manufactured with FDA approved food grade ingredients cited in the Title 21 of United States Code of Federal Regulations (21CFR Parts 170 to 199), under strict sanitary conditions and in full compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). We can provide proper documentation upon request.