MRL resources for chemical tolerances

DECCO strives to keep all of our customers informed about residue tolerances that are allowed by state, federal, and foreign entities. Please understand that tolerances for products change on a regular basis and Web sites can quickly become out of date. To ensure accuracy of any tolerances, please contact a representative directly. Search MRL database.

Washington State University - Postharvest

The Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center provides information key to postharvest handling of apples, pears, stone fruit, and cherries. They also offer a guide of diagnoses and control of postharvest diseases in apples and pears.

UC Davis - Postharvest

UC Davis has a great Web site with extensive information about many things pertaining to the postharvest handling of fruits and vegetables.

University of Florida - Postharvest

University of Florida provides excellent information to packers on postharvest practices. Their site includes updated information about research projects, as well as links to other valuable sources for postharvest information.