DECCO has developed a wide range of specialty coatings to enhance the quality and profitability of your fresh produce. During storage, DECCO waxes and coatings reduce chilling injury and delay softening and breakdown.

DECCO coatings are typically applied during the packing process and form functional films, which slow down the respiration rate. This invisible coating essentially modifies the internal atmosphere of fruits, which delays the ripening, softening, and break-down of fruits, while maintaining firmness, color and flavor.

All our products are designed to provide maximum protection for fruits and vegetables during packing, storage, shipping and marketing. The result? Count on DECCO to preserve profitability.

Quality is the focus for all our waxes and coatings:

•  Carnauba
•  Shellac
•  Mineral
•  Vegetable


Product List

APL Lustr® 221

APL-Brite 330C

APL-Brite 330C

APL-Brite 400C

CitruBlush A

CitruBlush P

Citrus Brite 330

Citrus Lustr 602

Citrus Lustr® 266