Food Sanitation

The first–and perhaps the most important step–in any food safety program is choosing the right cleaning products for fruits, vegetables, and food processing equipment. And nobody understands this better than DECCO. That’s why growers, packers and processors have depended on DECCO products decade after decade.

Our product specialists and technical support people work with you to understand your specific challenges, so we can provide the most effective Solution for you.

DECCO cleaners and sanitizers:

•  Remove inorganic deposits
•  Remove excess natural wax
•  Reduce pathogen populations
•  Reduce decay


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Drytec FG

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Fruit & Vegetable Kleen 203

Fruit & Vegetable Kleen 241

Fruit & Vegetable Kleen 340

Fruit & Vegetable Kleen 440

Fruit & Vegetable Kleen 441

Fruit & Vegetable Kleen 451