In today’s market, food safety is an increasingly high priority. DECCO fungicides provide the tools that packers need to manage decay and maximize profits. Properly-applied fungicides minimize significant and costly decay losses all throughout the global supply chain.

DECCO provides high-quality formulations of Imazalil, Thiabendazole and SOPP. Just as important, our Tech Service Team works to help you with fungicide application monitoring, fruit residue analysis, resistance monitoring, general fruit handling advice, and RYR.

DECCO is also a distributor for all of the major fungicides that are new to the market. Your local DECCO representative is ready to discuss how these new products will play a vital role in your fight against decay.


Product List



Calcium Chloride Concentrate 405


DECCO 239 Caustic Soda Solution

DECCO Fungi-Phite PH

DECCO Pyrimethanil

DECCO Pyrimethanil 400 SC

DECCO Salt No. 19