The DECCONatur™ Organic line of products was the first line of full organic certified and environmentally friendly sanitizers, cleaners, coatings, and biofungicides. These post-harvest products are developed to maintain produce freshness for today’s market demands. DECCONatur™ products are GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) substances.

All DECCONatur™ coatings are OMRI approved. Our coatings give your organic produce the color and shine to create a “first-choice” impression on market shelves. Our goal is to help you maintain all the “just picked” texture, flavor, appearance and healthfulness of produce for as long as possible. DECCONatur™ cleaners and sanitizers remove inorganic deposits and excess natural wax, and reduce pathogen populations and decay. 

Product List

DECCONatur™ 550

Fruit & Vegetable Kleen Organic

Peraclean 15%

Peraclean 5%